Women in Science

Para aquellos que queráis practicar un poco de inglés y leer un artículo sobre el papel de las mujeres en el mundo de la ciencia, os dejo el siguiente link.

Women in science.


Welcome back!

Hello everybody and welcome back to EOI Accitania!

I hope you enjoy your learning experience this year!


End of year party!!

party 2This school year has come to an end, and to say goodbye before the summer, EOI Accitania is holding its annual party on the 22nd of June from 8 p.m

It´s an opportunity to say goodbye to your classmates and to have a good time enjoyinparty 1.jpgg your generous food contribution.

During the party, our first talent show will take place. You can show the talent you never dared to share with the world.

Come and have a good time!! I hope to see you all there!.

Tips for your exam

I came across this blog with lots of tips to help you prepare for your exam. Check it out!

Tips to get a good mark

Also, have a loot at…

Oral exam practice

Pass your speaking exam (Careful, there are some mistakes!!!)

Cómo estructurar un monólogo

There are lots of examles on youtube about different topics, click on the links below to have a look at some of them:


The world of work


Breaking the law




For those of you who are taking the B2 exam, you can get lots of practice online…



Practice Tests at B2 level

More Practice Tests

Pepe Rojo EOI English

Writing Bank

When completing your written test, it is very important to be organized and to follow the instructions carefully. There are some things that you need to take into account:

-It is advisable to organize your ideas in the form of a draft before you start writing.

-Think about the format and register of the text that you are asked to develop, is it a formal letter? a for and against essay? a blog post?…

-Think of incorporating structures and vocabulary appropriate to the level.

You can be asked to write different types of texts, click here to get some examples and useful information.